What is critical alignment?

Freedom of movement is vital and essential for both our physical and emotional well-being

Chronic tension, injuries, and stress negatively affect our daily life. Critical Alignment (CA) is a method that releases tension and stress and combines functional anatomy knowledges, movement sciences with psychological insights

Through the CA practice people break the downward spiral of tension and stress and finally be able to perceive feelings, realize body awareness, feel ease, flexibility, peace, space and energy

What distinguishes critical alignment from other yoga traditions?

CA has been developed through intensive studies of existing yoga traditions, movement sciences and modern psychology. The method uses a new combination of above-mentioned disciplines

CA offers a new approach to the connection between movement and relaxation which distinguishes between motor muscles and postural muscles. Motor muscles are activated by willpower. Postural muscles become active through relaxation. The right alignment of the body will cause a reflex-activation of the postural muscles with following correct interaction with motor ones